ViftyDog - The Story

An unexpected encounter during the daily dog walk a spring evening in 2016 led to the creation of ViftyDog – your dog´s app. An app that makes the daily walks even cosier and more meaningful for your four-legged friend.

During the walk two friends met, Magnus and Jari, both of them dog-owners who both on a daily basis walk through the quiet suburbs and green parks of Malmö, Sweden together with their dogs.

The friends started to talk about how the walks with their faithful companions could become more fun. Suddenly an embryo to what would become ViftyDog started growing.

The friends started wondering. What would put a silver lining to/on the daily dog walks from the dog’s point of view? To identify which dogs are out walking at the same time? Maybe you could even see where they were going? To see if they are male or female dogs and if they are big or small? To intentionally meet or perhaps even avoid certain dogs? To see if any dog friends are out and about when you are? To determine and save the distance and time you have walked? Maybe even see where your dog prefers to stop and investigate the surroundings a little longer?

The ideas and the creativity just wouldn’t stop flowing. But most important was that we never lost track of our goal: to put a silver lining on your daily dog walks for dog and owner alike. With an app that is as fun as it is easy to use.

We are proud to present the app that contributes to create one of the best moments of the day for both your dog and yourself. Come rain or sunshine – or even snow.

ViftyDog – your dog´s second best friend.

/The Friends

PS The name ViftyDog is derived from the word ”vifta”, which in Swedish means wag as when a happy dog wags its tail. That’s our goal with the app – to make your dog a happier dog. Have a Viftyful day!