Pressrelease: Viftydog - the dog´s own app. Now launching globally.

ViftyDog – Swedish startup launching your dog’s own app

The Swedish startup ViftyDog is now launching the very first app created specifically for man's best friend - the dog. 

The ViftyDog app is created to put a silver lining to daily walks for dog and human alike.

ViftyDog is easily activated - with a little help from a human close to the dog - when it is time for a walk. In the app you can see all other dogs who are out walking (if they also use ViftyDog).

Maybe your dog's best friends are out walking or perhaps your dog just wants to go for a quiet stroll with its human in which case you can easily avoid meeting other dogs. ViftyDog helps make your dog's daily walks as enjoyable as possible for dog and human alike.

And if your dog’s route is about to be crossed by another Vifty-dog a bark will be heard from the phone well in advance. Often even before the dogs have seen or smelled each other.

If other dog owners have added information about their dogs’ name, race, gender and size in the app you will also be able to see this. Maybe the chihuahua isn’t in the mood to meet the Irish Wolfhound. Or then again – maybe it is.

”We see an enormous potential for ViftyDog, socially as well as healthwise. Dogs and dog owners worldwide can now in an easy and fun way find new and old friends. Every walk is saved in the app so you can see information about each walk and you can easily follow up on the exercise of both dog and human”, says Jari Gunnarsson, founder and co-owner of ViftyDog.

”ViftyDog is a social app in more ways than one – the more dogs and humans using the app, the better it gets. Start by using it yourself, tell friends and acquaintances, show it to others you meet on your walks.”

ViftyDog was founded by the dedicated dog owners Magnus Balldin and Jari Gunnarsson. Both of them have grown up in Malmö in the south of Sweden and have been friends for many years. Both have extensive experience from the IT industry, working in development, project management, service management and a number of other exciting assignments.

ViftyDog is launched globally on AppStore and Google Play, and will initially be available in English and Swedish.

For more information, please contact Jari Gunnarsson at or +46 703 200 210.

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