Frequently Asked Questions

Why is only social logins used?

ViftyDog only uses social logins i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google (Android). This means that the user is not able to create a ViftyDog specific user name and password. Then reason for this is that offering yet another user name and password will increase your online risk. Many users use the same user name and password from site to site and from app to app. So if someone was to get a hold of the username and password combination from a none secure site this can be used to hijack the users accounts where a user has reused the user name and password combination. The social logins used by ViftyDog are proven and secure logins which protects your online interests.

I do not have a social login. How can I use ViftyDog?

Create a social account for your dog! There are advantages to this. If you are more than one that is walking the dog than you can share your dogs social account and get a more complete picture of your dogs exercise.