Welcome to the ViftyDog Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. ViftyDog protects your integrity. Therefore, we collect as little information about you, or rather your dog, as possible. As a consequence, this privacy policy becomes relatively short. So read through it!

Information we collect

The information that we collect is the minimal possible to identify your dog as accurately as possible with as little information as possible. Primary storage location of your information is in the cloud on a dedicated server.

  • Information you give us. The information you give us is 4 facts about your dog i.e. your dogs name, race, size and gender. You can also provide your home location. This is only used to hide your home to other VidtyDog users.
  • Information we store in the cloud. All data is stored primarily in a database in the cloud. As social login is used (via Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google) the login provider is stored and a unique number (id). Furthermore your home position is stored, if you have chosen to provide it, and your profile i.e. the information about your dog, if you have provided it. the profile information stored is the dogs name, race, size and gender. In ViftyDog you can mark another dog with a relation (either to avoid the other dog or mark it as a favorite). This relation is also stored in the database and is personal and is not used in any other purpose. The server is keeping track of if you have a subscription going and maintains it as long as you do not terminate the subscription. Finally all your walks are stored historically. This independent of whether you have a premium subscription or not. The information stored for each walk is the name of the walk, a description, all the coordinates of the walk, averga speed, start and stop time, the distance walked and the date of the walk.
  • Information collected on your phone.  In the app a subset is stored of what is data stored in the cloud. It stored in a local database that in turn is stored in a file on the device. In this database your profile (your dogs name, size, race and gender). You home position is also stored here. Also the anonymized relation data is stored here.
The exchange of data between the cloud and the device is an essential part of making this app work. your position is sent to the cloud and the app receives information about the other dogs placement and their track. This is done on the device and periodically and for all other users of ViftyDog. Given your current position the server calculates which dogs are in your vicinity. A track is generated for each and one of these dogs (if you do not have a premium subscription this track only consists of one coordinate making it just a dot). These tracks are sent to all ViftyDog users in each others immediate vicinity. Therefor you will never see other users  further away. When the track is calculated in the cloud the home position is taken into calculation (given that you have set that your home should be hidden) and the trackpoints near your home (within a radius of 200 meters are removed) thus hiding your home. Other than the track data about the dog representing this track is sent i.e. the dogs name, size, genderand race.

How we use information we collect

For the moment we are not using the information to anything other than described above. The track you have left after each walk is stored and may be used to collect information that can enhance and improve you and your dogs walks together. This information can in some cases be completely without any information about your dog and in some other cases contain information about your dog that we consider being the least significant information about your dog i.e. your dogs gender.

Information security

We have done all in our power to protect you as a user. Here are some specific measures that we have taken to protect the information we have about you:

  • Communication with the cloud is encrypted using SSL.
  • We have removed the possibility  to register specific login information. We are only using social logins providers. They are working hard on protecting your integrity and data.
  • We have minimized the information about you as a user (we only store information about your dog).